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#1- The Sweetest Song

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day One -- April 1st  

The Sweetest Song

by Jeanie Killion

Drops fall down my window glass;

My life goes on, with longings --

met and unmet.

Like exquisite music,

my soul sings

Silent songs of grace received,

of heartaches grieved,

and, I believe

There is a tune to silent songs

only God can hear.

Years go by & tears fall down;

This heart rises up with hope again --

for joys to come.

I walk in solitary places,

but not alone.

God is there & sings me new songs

in the night

& joy-songs in the morning.

He, my Music Teacher & my Song,

is the sweetest tune.

In silence, I hear Him sing,

"Come. Come, fly to Me with longings

Only I can meet."

Life-storms thunder-threaten

but cannot drown out His voice.

Like deep reverberations of a melody

I've heard a thousand times,

His familiar song; a hum of hope --

Lyrics of love and promise

only I can hear.