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#11 -River in the Desert

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Eleven -- April 11th

River in the Desert

by Jeanie Killion

Once, I was longing;

Such a thirsty soul.

I prayed, “Come,

And drench

This place in me.

Then, I heard the thunder!

I saw a flash of lightening!

And, I knew

That You were coming;

Rain was coming.

I cried, “Pour on me!”  

God, I waited

For a long, long time;

For some hope to find

And believe that

You were there;

To know you cared.

But, then I spied

A tiny cloud of hope

In a dry, blue sky

And I knew!

It was You!  

You came!

Like a monsoon flood,

You rained on me;

You baptized me;

You set me free,

My Friend.  

Now, I depend on You,

Living Water,

Because I am

The river bed.

I am Your home;

Your rightful habitation;

You are mine,

And I am Yours.  

O Holy, Living Water,

Unceasingly rain on me

Pour til I overflow

Then the world will know,

They will clearly see

What You have made of me.

No longer desert-dry;

Now I'm drenched.

My thirst is quenched;

I’m satisfied.