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#12 - Home at Last

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Twelve -- April 12th

Home at Last

by Jeanie Killion

How could I have ever known

When I was broken and alone

That you would one day be

My home – forever home?

How could I have understood

When I asked

That you hide me,

That you would guide me

To a place Within Your heart;

A place I could call home?

I had no idea it could

Feel this good

To hear you say,

“I am your place,

Your refuge,

Your shelter,

Your haven,

Your home.  

You longed for

A place to belong

In this world,

But your place is here,

Right here, in me.

I will shelter you

With my peace

And cover you

With my love.  

You glow radiant

And shame-free

As you grow

To trust in me.

You’ve entered through

An open door,

Unlocked by faith In me. 

You’ve come Into a

Spacious place

Of spiritual prosperity.  

Now, make yourself

At home, My dear one.

Lay yourself down on

My bed of

Love and comfort.

Look at the world

Through the windows of

My perspective &

See the beauty there.

Gaze into the mirror

Of my eyes &

See who I say you are.

My diamond, you shine,

I paid my all to make you mine.

So, make yourself at home

In Me."