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#13 - The Love Letter

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Thirteen -- April 13th

The Love Letter

by Jeanie Killion

Dear One,

   You are my Beloved!

   Everyday my goodness and mercy pursue you and every night, I give you rest and watch over you.  

   You will never need to say, “No one understands me,” because, I fully understand you and know you completely.

    I listen to every prayer and every thought of your heart. Whatever is your concern is a concern of mine.  

   I love you with an undying, boundless love, and I will never, ever forsake you nor leave you alone.  

   You can be sure that I will supply your every need, according to my great riches in Heaven.  

   I promise to comfort you in times of trouble and to give you my peace that the world cannot give nor take away.   I see and care about every tear you shed and, one day, I will personally wipe every one of them away.  

   Because I AM your Wonderful Counselor and Good Shepherd, I will show you the best way to live.  

   Do not be fearful nor anxious about anything.  Just trust me. My joy will always be your strength.  

   All this and more, because I deeply love you. You are mine and I AM yours.

Always and Forever,