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#14 -Laundry Room Prayer

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Fourteen -- April 14th

Laundry Room Prayer

by Jeanie Killion

I have a secret place of prayer

in the four walls of my home;

a place where I retreat to be

with Jesus, all alone. 

It’s a place of work and worship

where I serve the ones I love . . .

where I pray to God in Heaven

as I wash shirts, pants & gloves. 

I wash the colors and the whites

with water and with soap,

and cast my cares upon the Lord,

who fills my heart with hope.

I place wet clothes in the dryer

and fold them when they’re dry.

God holds me in His strong embrace

and dries each tear I cry. 

I iron out the wrinkled spots

in clothes my family wears.

My Father gives me peace & joy

and whispers that He cares. 

So, tho’ it’s just a laundry room,

I love this secret place . . .

where I go to be alone with God

and gaze into His face.