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#15- Restoration

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013    

Day Fifteen -- April 15th    


by Jeanie Killion

Photo Credit: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

It was springtime,

But I felt like winter;

A dead twig . . .

All the life-joy gone,

Broken & driven

By the wind.

But that morning,

You found me.

You looked at me.

You smiled and said,

“Hello, beautiful!

I love you &

I think you are amazing!"

(My numbed heart,

Struck dumb,

Could only wonder

At such love-words

Aimed --at me!)

You said I was like

A treasure in the trash,

And You would not

See me wasted.

So, You took me up

Into Your healing hands

And breathed life

Into me again.

You touched me

In ways that healed  

And in places

That were crying out

For restoration;

Desperate for You.

You infused me with Yourself --

And transformed me!

The dry twig

Flowers now --

And blossoms

In Your garden.

Firmly planted

In the loamy soil

Of knowing You,

I’m rooted deeply

Into the heart

Of who You are;

My life,

My joy,

My delight.