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#18 - You Just Love Me

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013    

Day Eighteen -- April 18th    

You Just Love Me

by Jeanie Killion

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.  Romans 5:8

You did not ask me

To set up an appointment

With Your secretary,

Get cleaned up, and

Come into Your office

For an Interview

So You could find out

My qualifications.

You just loved me.  

You did not ask me

To audition before you

For Your acceptance,

Or to be examined by

A panel of judges

So they could determine

My eligibility.  

You just loved me.  

You did not ask me

To clean out my closets,

My drawers, or garage

So I would be tidy enough

For Your Presence.

You didn't ask me to

Drop those extra pounds or

Throw away my cigarettes

Before You could

Be my Friend.

You just loved me.

You did not ask me

To be on probation

Until I could prove

My sincerity.

You didn’t ask me to

Give you a list

Of personal references

So You could check out

My character.  

You just loved me.


You did not ask me

If I had done enough

Good deeds to cancel out

My numerous bad deeds.

You didn’t ask me if I

Had stopped sinning yet.

(You knew I had not.)  

You just loved me.  

You DID ask me

To believe that You had

Demonstrated Your Love

To the ends of the earth

--And back.  

You DID ask me

To believe that your Love

Encompasses my everything

--Past, present & future.  

With all that Love,

Expressed in the most

Irrefutable way,  

Why would I EVER . . .  

Write one word,

Sweep one floor,

Sing one song,

Cook one meal,

Wash one dish,

Mow one yard,

Pull one weed,

Serve one person,

Say one prayer,

Read one scripture,

Hug one neck,

Wipe one tear,  

For fear

That You would

Leave me or disown me?  

Because, You will not!  

But, the truth is,

I sometimes forget!  

Please help me

To remember that

You love me

While I’m still

Behaving as if You don’t;  

While I’m still*








                Or ____________ ,

                (Fill in the blank!)    

You just LOVE me!

*Disclaimer:  Am I saying that a believer in Christ has

license to be any of these things? (Fat, Messy,

Grouchy, etc.)  No, I am not saying that.  What I AM

saying is that nothing wrong in our lives will cause

God to stop loving us.  I am saying that we should

not think our cleanliness, kindness, or goodness

should be something we pursue to in order to

get God to love us or stay committed to us.  We

pursue those things BECAUSE He loves us and

has promised to never leave nor forsake us;

BECAUSE He is committed to us and His love is

endless.  We didn't qualify at the beginning, and

we never will.  Still, He loves us!