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#19 - The Flood

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013     

Day Nineteen-- April 19th     

The Flood

by Jeanie Killion  

A raging storm

of fear tosses me

about – I cry out,

“Save me!”  

You rush in,

like a flood,

filling every


exceeding the banks

with Yourself.  

Driving out

with violent force

the fears that

have invaded

and persuaded.  

Your presence,

O Love and Lover

of my soul,

courses through me.  

I am the riverbed.

You are the river.

Your mighty current

destroys dams of doubt                                  Photo Credit: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

and every fear

that You drive out

flows into your

sea of forgetfulness.  

Then I become

as I was meant to be –

with You in me

and I in you –

filled with peace

like a river

of tranquility.  

Photo Credit: Ole Henrik Skjelstad