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#2 - Love's Last Word

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Two -- April 2nd

Love's Last Word

by Jeanie Killion

He went away one fine spring day,

Just up and died

On purpose.

He chose the time he would resign

From life. His leaving

Hurt us.

Wordlessly he went; no love-note sent.

Laid down to sleep


But, he was wrong; life did go on

In the presence of his


Imagine his face when he beheld Grace,

An amazing

Revelation --

To have closed his eyes in suicide

And opened them

In love!

Confusion clears; gone are all fears --
No longer blind,

He sees

God's love revealed. His heart is healed.

His soul's at rest

In Peace.

(Disclaimer: In the writing of this poem, I am, in no way, exalting nor excusing the act of suicide.  I am merely exalting the power of God's love and grace toward one of His children who made a tragic choice. I'm stating what my faith has given me the strength to believe for my loved one.)