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#20 - I Need You

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013      

Poem 20       

I Need You

A song

by Jeanie Killion

When I can’t feel your love,

I will trust you’re there.

When I can’t see your hand,

I will trust your care.

When I bring you all

The shattered pieces

Of my heart,

You’re the Healing that I need.

Yes you, Oh, Jesus, I need You.  

I need You;

I don’t need another thing.

I need You;

When my heart is sorrowing.

When I feel alone;

Can’t find my way back home,

I need You. Oh, Jesus, I need You.

When I’m searching for a place

To lay my burden down;

When I’m looking for

A quiet place to rest;

When I don’t understand

How this pain fits into your plan,

You’re the Answer

That I need.

Yes You, Oh, Jesus, I need You.  

You are the Love of my Life;

You are my Healer.

You are my Song in the Night;

Mystery Revealer.

You are my Soul’s Delight;

You make everything alright.

I need You, Oh, Jesus!  I need You.