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#22 - Heaven's Rain

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013      

Poem #22      

Heaven's Rain

by Jeanie Killion

Beauty of Life,

Iridescent Rain,

Fall on me.

I want to stand

In Your downpour


And again,

And again.  

Light of Truth,

Shine through

Gentle drops,

Liquid pearls,

Showering down

From Heaven.

Create rainbows

Of promise;

Reminders of

Your greatness,

Your goodness,

And power.  

Give me a

Golden bucket,

Bigger than myself,

To catch the glory

And splash it

On saints & seekers

All over the world.

Make me a


In the battle,

Pushing back

The darkness.  

Send me

To help unwrap

Kingdom gifts

And talents being

Held in timid hands.

But, first give me

The grace to

Fully unveil

The gifts in

My own hands.  

I thirst

For everything

You have.

Everything You are,

I want with a

Shameless & pure


The greatest of

Holy greed.  

So, even before

I spill one drop

Of what is gathered

In Your presence,

In the falling rain

Of who You are,

I will, with the

Greatest extravagance,

Turn the bucket

Upside down

And soak myself

In You!  

I will drink You and

Drench myself In You, too.

And, while still wet,

Splashing & slogging

Your glorious presence


(because You are so "wowwy")

I will fill up,

Over and over,

And spill and splash

In lavish gushes,

You! You! You! --

In abundance!