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#23 - The Treasure Hunt

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013


The Treasure Hunt

By Jeanie Killion


I was searching . . .

Digging, digging, digging

Around in my Bible,

Eagerly looking for treasure there.

“I want to see you, Jesus!” I said.

“I want to find all the places

Where those gold nuggets

Of revelation about You

Are hidden in plain sight.”  

I smiled at Him

In my enthusiasm.

Jesus chuckled and said,

“All in good time, daughter.

All in My good time. 

Trust Me, I will show you

Everything you seek and more.

All in good time.

Besides, I’m right here!

You can ask Me anything.

What do You want to know?”

“Well . . .

Would You show me Your glory?

Would You tell me a story? 

. . . one I’ve never heard before?  

Would You show me Your treasure?

Would You?  

Huh? Huh? Huh?"

“Wow! You sure are asking

For a LOT!” He said,

Laughing at my audacity.

"But, don’t you worry,

Because I’m God,

And nothing is too hard for Me.  

In fact, we can go on a

Treasure hunt right now!"

(I was soooo excited!)  

“C'mon! Let’s go upstairs,”

He said.

“What? Wait, Lord.

There’s no treasure up there,

Just my bedroom and closet.

And, well, I haven’t made my bed yet,

And my closet is a mess.

I’ve been meaning to clean it out.

It’s just full of clothes & shoes

And some old stuff I need to

Clear out of there.

No, I’m sure there’s

No treasure up there.”  

He waited

At the bottom of the stairs,

Stretching out His hand to me.

Hating that He would see

My mess,

I took His hand and

Followed Him Up the stairs,

Most reluctantly.


When we got up the stairs,

Jesus led me past

The unmade bed,

The basket of dirty laundry,

And the messy closet.

He didn’t even seem to notice it.

Any of it.


Instead, He guided me,

Ever so gently,

To the corner of the room

And said,

“Behold my glory.

My glorious story –  

Still unfolding.

Behold my Treasure!”

I looked where He was pointing,

And saw, right there

In my messy room, a wonder

And a mystery.  

Facing the mirror,

I saw us both

Standing together,

Glowing with love.

He stood behind me and,

As we looked in the mirror,

I saw myself in His eyes,

So beautiful.

He saw Himself in mine,

So beautiful.  

He held me tenderly,

Encircling me

With gentle-strength.

Leaning down,

He whispered softly in my ear,  

You are my glory –

You reflect me, you shine!  

Your life is My story –

You’re living out

My testimony of true love.

You are My treasure –

I alone can fathom Your worth.