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#26 - Note From Papa: Gifts!

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013      


Note From Papa: Gifts!

by Jeanie Killion

Dear One,

Did you receive the gift

I sent you this morning?

Another precious day of life!

I hope you will enjoy it.

I want to spend it

With you because

I love you so.

As you are going

About your day,

Whether at work

Or rest or play,

Be on the lookout

For special reminders

That I am with You . . .

Gifts that I will leave around

For you to find.

Be careful not to

Overlook the little things –

Like when a baby

Smiles at you,

Or when a stranger

Holds a door open for you,

Or when a gentle breeze

Caresses your face.

Those are all gifts from Me!

Take a moment, here & there,

To pause and just enjoy

My presence.

I am with You.

I am for You.

I adore You.