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#27- A Walk at the Beach

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013      


A Walk at the Beach

by Jeanie Killion

* See Photo Credits below.

Breathing deeply

salt-scented air,

I stand at ocean-edge,

filled with awe.

Waving waters crash

as far as I can see

and then beyond

what I am aware.

Rolling wetness

splashes at my feet

as the mighty roaring sea

fills up my senses.

Like coursing rivers,

my thoughts branch out,

but, like the rivers,

all flow back to the sea.

What power! So great,

the Ocean Maker is.

Like a grain of sand,

I am so very small.

Sipping lemonade,

I squint into the sun

and quietly walk

along the endless shore.

Simple joys, simple faith

 . . . easily found,

pondering Majesty

at the edge of the sea.

* Photo Credit

(Both Photos/

Used by permission):

Artist/Photographer - Carolyn Carson,