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#30 - The End

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013      

The End

by Jeanie Killion

I came to the very

last page

in the book

and read

these words:

The End.

I wept

deeply-drawn tears

for it was

The Book of

My Life.

I crawled into bed,


sure I was




sleep took me

away from my

troubled thoughts &

into my dreams.

That's where I was,

still staring

in devastation

at that page

of my life, when

You said,

"Why are you crying?"

I pointed to the page.

You looked at the words

And smiled.

Then, I said,

"Why are You smiling?"

You turned the page

and pointed at

the words:

"New Beginning."

You actually laughed

at the look on my face

when I saw that

there were more pages.

You said,

"Behold, I make

all things new!"

I awoke,

joyfully laughing.

Thank you!

Thank you!

. . . for taking my

last page & making it

my next page.

The Beginning,