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#4 - Daddy's Boy

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013         

Day Four -- April 4th


Daddy's Boy       

by Jeanie Killion

While a boy's growing up,

he looks to his dad

as his a pattern for being

a man.

He walks in his footsteps;

he copies his gait,

and keeps up the best that

he can.


If Daddy's eyes light up

when his boy comes in sight;

if he smiles in greeting

that boy;

if he speaks with patient tones

and a loving, tender light;

if he spreads wide his arms

with joy,


then his boy will burst forth

like a horse from it's stall,

dancing with the pure joy

of life.

He'll know that he's someone

worthy of love.  His heart

will stay open & be free

of strife.


But, as often it happens

in this sad, fallen world,

a boy sometimes grows up


the loving approval of

that someone he needs

and his heart becomes clouded

with doubt.


He questions his value.

He says, "I lack worth!

My dad's always angry

with me."

He knows where the fault lies --

it's squarely on him

because dad is the best there

could be.


So, he starts on a journey,

(a mission of sorts)

to become all that he should

have been. . . .

To make his dad proud;

to make his dad smile,

no longer disappointed

in him.

In order to please him,
whom he greatly loves,

the boy's willing to do all

he can --

even live his whole life

in this empty pursuit . . .

even hating himself as

a man.


But God, his Great Father,

can reach out His hand

and give him the love that

he needs,

if that boy in the man

will just stretch back his hand

and receive all the love that

God brings.


Then, he'll start a new journey,

(a mission of sorts)

finding out who God meant him

to be.

Hand in hand, they will walk

as His Dad sings for joy

and say's, "I'm so glad you're

with me!"


He'll learn that he's loved

because His Dad paid the price

to show him his value

and cost.

God says, "You're my treasure

and I take great pleasure

in saving my boy who

was lost.


So, walk in my footsteps;

become just like me,

follow wherever I

lead you.

I am your Papa!
You're my dear son!
My heart is rejoicing 
in you!"

You & Me!