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#5 - The Mist

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013         
Day Five -- April 5th

  The Mist

by Jeanie Killion

Like Deep calls to Deep,

Like violence takes

The Kingdom by force,

I’m in hot pursuit

Of You

As You’re in

Hot pursuit of me.

May our hearts daily

Meet with a


Of love that

Creates a

Drawing attraction

To every parched and

Thirsty soul.  

I give You all of me;

All that I am

Poured out to You

In reckless abandon,

Like rushing waters


Pouring down

From the

Very edge

Of safety.   

Let me

Grow to


Trust You

With surrender

As complete as the

Torrents of

Niagara Falls,

Creating a mist of

Your loving Presence

Everywhere I go

So that people will

Get wet in the

Overspray of

Our sweet communion.