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#7 - What Remains

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013         
Day Seven -- April 7th

What Remains

by Jeanie Killion

Light fills my eyes,

My mind,

My soul

When I look at You.

Your miracle-ways

Cast brilliance

So bright,

It blinds me

And makes me forget

Everything else.  

I try to remember

What I used to dread,

What I feared would end me . . .

But only gray-fog memories remain;

Shadows and vaporous omens.

How could

such useless concerns

Have gripped so tightly --

Like monster-claws

around the neck

of my heart?

Awful things

I used to fear have come,

And gone.

But You're still here!

I'm still here too –

because of You.

I've cast aside the goal

To just survive and now . . .

Believe I'll thrive.