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#9 - Never Alone

National Poetry Writing Month - 2013

Day Three -- April 3rd

Never Alone

by Jeanie Killion

© Herspiralnotebook

Are you here? 

Do you care?

These are questions I've asked . . .

Even as you steadied me

And I leaned heavily on You.


I have groped along                                            

In cold cave-blackness

And found Your strong hand there,

Warm & consoling.  

Loneliness tried to swallow me live.

Like Jonah's whale,

It tried to consume me.

But, even then, You were there,

Promising never to leave me alone.  

At all times, in all ways,

You have shown Yourself true.

I'm love-lavished, unendingly,

With undying love from You.  

It breaks me!  It breaks me!

To see Your goodness pour out;

To have Your grace greet me

And Your new mercies meet me

Each and every day of my life.  

Yes, You're here. 

Yes, You care.

These are answers you give

As we go along –

Me, the weak,

You, the Strong.