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About Me

About Me


    My name is Jeanie Killion. I have learned to have hope in hopeless times and situations, not because I am so smart or wise, but because I know God, and He is sooo good!  He has taught me how to hope. 

    I am a widowed mom, a writer, a student, a survivor of abuse, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a woman of faith in God through Christ Jesus, my Savior.  

    Although I came to Jesus as a small child, my life has been touched by many negative events and influences such as a stay in foster care, poverty, divorce, death, suicide, bankruptcy, spiritual crisis, religious wounds, parental struggles and a troubled marriage.


    Throughout my life, God has been with me and He has made Himself real to me in wonderful, amazing ways.  He has been teaching me who He is and who I am because He loves me.  It  has been a journey filled with the deepest heartaches & countless tears; I've struggled with paralyzing fear and fought back from despair, many times.  I was able fight back because, even in the worst of times, I heard an inner, still, small voice —the voice of God's Spirit, speaking and saying, "Trust Me. I am with you. Do not fear."  So, I have learned how to move from fear and despair to hope —with joy and rejoicing!  And I'm grateful that everything God has taught me, He continues to teach me even more!   I am a work in progress. Obviously.

    God, who does all things well, is making a masterpiece out of my mess. Over the years, I've come to know God and learned to trust Him deeply, although I'm still learning to know and trust Him better.  My goal is to come alongside you and share, from my heart and God's heart, too.