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  I'm Happy to Share These Great Links with You:

Celebration Center Church        

My home church in Puyallup, Washington.  Check out this wonderful church!  We are truly enjoying the community of believers we have found here.  Here's what their "Who We Are" page says:  "Celebration Center is a group of people who believe that church should be great friends on a journey together. "


Celebration Center Church — Podcasts!

The teaching here is life-giving, freedom producing, healing, faith inspiring, spirit-filled truth from God's Word.  Listen and you will find practical applications and deep insights.






A wonderful website where you can listen to a well-recorded daily reading of the Bible which will complete the whole Bible in one year.  Beautiful, background music and sounds are relaxing and not distracting, helping you to focus on the message.



This website is a treasure trove of valuable information on a wide variety of topics.  They also offer a call-in counseling and prayer line staffed by wise and spiritually grounded counselors. It was one of these counselors who helped me the night my husband died of suicide.  As I sat weeping on my bathroom floor, the counselor stayed on the phone with me beyond the end of his normal shift — just to listen to me and pray with me.  He even gave me wise advice about how to notify my husband's family of his death (they lived half-way across the country, so I could not tell them in person.)   This ministry is headed by June Hunt, author, speaker, singer, and counselor.



This website is a ministry of Debbie Kay, a Christian singer &speaker. She is also a Life Coach and certified in Grief Recovery. Her mission is to offer  hope to people who are dealing with grief and loss associated with  death/divorce/chronic illness/having a special needs child  These are all areas that have touched her life and she seeks to encourage others dealing with the same issues and to help educate others on how to meet the needs of the grieving and disabled.  Her daily postings of prayer and beautiful art & photography are healing and powerful.  Her words and wisdom will bless you.




I can't say enough about how these worship videos are anointed and healing and will inspire you to worship God.  If you are ever just in need of a spiritual uplift or maybe some help to enter into a time of worship, click here!  Music is powerful to change mood and even environments.  Combine music with real, uninhibited, all-out worship, and you've got Bethel Music, The Loft Sessions, on YouTube.  As of this writing, there are 17 YouTube videos available at this link, but I'm sure you can find more Bethel Music that will have the same level of anointing and power as these.  I love the freedom there. Enjoy!



I love this site.  If you or someone you know is suicidal, please visit this site.  You will find helps, statistics, and hope, just for you with comprehensive resources that discuss suicide, the suicidal, help, facts, prevention, your problems, survivor’s guilt, survivor stories, and the loss of a loved one — as well as info for anyone thinking about suicide.  You will also find hope and encouragement.  If you have lost a loved one to suicide, their desire is to help you through that pain and loss to a brighter future.