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Hopeful Heart Poetry

I Shall Not Fear:  A 23rd Psalm Reflection

Shall I fear the darkness

when I am living in

the Presence of "The Light?"

Shall I fear ruin

when my Dearest Friend

is called Redeemer?

Shall I tremble?

Shall I shake

when danger comes

and fear a shadow

while hidden in the

shadow of My Shepherd?

I say, "No,

A thousand times, no.

I shall not."

© by Jeanie Killion, 03/02/13

The Sacred Partnership

We have a partnership --

     You  and I. 

I have needs unending and

     You supply them all. 

I call out and

     You are The Answer. 

I mess up royally and

     You forgive sovereignly. 

I have sinned and

     You are The Savior 

I get sick and

     You were beaten for my healing. 

I lose my way and

     You are The Way. 

I have so many questions and

     You are The Truth. 

I feel weary and

     You are The Life. 

I become hopeless and

     You are the Hope of the World. 

In this Sacred Partnership,

     we each know our roles: 

Without You,

     I can do nothing. 

With You,

     all things are possible. 

For, You are God and

     I . . . am not.

© by Jeanie Killion, 10/15/12

The Meaning of Life

A Prayer


O Lord, let me draw deeply from Your well . . .

all the purpose and intent of my life.

Fill me with visions of You welcoming me home.

Let Your voice be the loudest voice I hear.

O Abba, help me remember Who You are

and who I am because You love me.

Stir my heart to serve others in Your name.

Remind me that You died instead of me.

O God, when I cry, let me cry to You

and not into the empty loneliness of myself.

When I feel worthless, help me know life is worth living.

When I hurt, motivate my spirit to go on loving.

O Savior, turn my mind to thoughts of You

and away from my own selfish concerns.

Teach me to trust that You will protect and provide for me.

Lead me away from self-defense and into Your arms.

O Holy Spirit, dispel my errors with Your truth,

and give me a heart of sincere repentance.

Guide the meditations of my heart toward righteousness.

Comfort me with Your presence when others walk away.

O Jesus, when I suffer, let it be in fellowship with You,

even when what I deserve is to suffer alone.

Find a way to be glorified in spite of my sins.

Let me live a miraculous, love-provoking life.

O Father, help me live purposefully

with eyes always focused on Your concerns.

Make Your good ways my whole reason for being.

Let me find no fulfillment apart from You.

O Mighty God, give me a voice to speak for You

with penetrating words of hope and redemption.

Pour the meaning of life through my mouth and my hands.

Give me no higher joy then to tell of Your love.

© By Jeanie Killion, 10/2012